6 February 2014

Tidbits for the soul

 I came into the room this morning and this is what I saw.  J was playing dress-up with S.  (Oh ya, ya gotta love those two holes she's put in the toes of that sleeper, eh?)  Ya, they were having a ball together... no pun intended.  Adorable!

We've been having some pretty bad winter storms this past while.  It is beautiful though afterwards.  The trees are veritably enrobed in snow and there's a pristine quietness in the air.  Here's a view from our balcony of the last storm to hit.  

 This is the fox mask I made for M.  A little primitive and done on the fly - I had a dozen owl masks to finish people!  Thankfully, my son does not seem to mind.  He's now asking for a pirate patch and a wolf mask.  I can't win with that kid.  As much as I'd love to sit around all day making things (hello, dream come true!), there is work that needs attending.  For instance, dishes do not wash themselves.  And last I checked, dinner has never spontaneously made itself.  Don't even get me started on the laundry.  Laundry actually does move by itself.  It moves upwards that is, at an exponential rate.  

So, I think I'll put mask-making on the back burner for the time being.  

I was forced to make a couple peg people this evening though.  The kids wanted to make their own in fact.  So I let them.  They went to town and covered their pieces from top to bottom in paint.  Then Mom was solicited to "fix" them.  "Princess" and "soldier" were my orders.  So I spent my after-hours making these cuties.  I'm sure they'll both love theirs.  Too much so that I'm bound to be bombarded by orders for more.  Especially M.  He'll want a whole battalion of soldiers so they can have a war.  (Is it me, or are all boys like this?)

Anyhow, that's the story of why the stuffed grape leaves never got done.  *sigh*

I have been reading an excellent book that I just have to pass along.  It's called: Hold Onto Your Kids, by Gordon Neufeld.  Great read for parents, teachers, caregivers and basically anyone who works or deals with children.  Definitely changed my perspective on a few things for sure.  And I'm pretty sure most public libraries carry it.  At least that's what I hear.  (And that's where this baby came from too!)

So, that's me for now.  A bit of this and that in the goings on department.  

A few more tidbits to share...

  • This shop is dangerous.  I especially love those seasonal craft boxes.  What a great idea!  I should make up a few for the kids... especially with all the spare time I have.  *sigh*
  • I'm dying to get a hold of this book.  A sweet little story for kiddies, a lovely collection of patterns for mama.  
  • M and J have been really into owls, amongst other things, this past little while.  I was trolling around etsy and found these little darlings.  I wish I knew how to felt.  One day...  (As if my to do list needs any lengthening.)    
  • While I'm on the topic of animals, I've been wanting to crochet a hedgehog ever since I saw one on one of my favourite sites.  This little critter is by far the cutest I've seen, yes?  
  • As if I'm not "hatted" out, my son has requested this furry friend.  Can't blame him, but yeesh!  
  • These are the slippers my kids dream of.  Happily, this is a dream I can make come true!  Hurray for dreams and hurray for more yarn projects!  


  1. HA HA HA i LOVE those slippers! ha ha, and the book with the sweater pattern? genius - love the hood, so sweet! i need to show you my local friend's page with the cutest crochet/knit hats. and affordable. these two girlfriends of ours run it, they made C's reindeer hat we're doing our second winter with it :) keep up the great work mama, i dunno how you find the energy! xoxo

  2. A little late for a reply, but I guess with kids anything goes! I would LOVE to see that page. It's getting to be a dangerous hobby... (ie: where does anyone find time to do anything with kids!). Seriously though, send it along! xo