3 March 2014


I read a quote today that resonated with me in no small measure.  

"I am forever seeking a balance in our family life between activity and stillness, sound and silence, society and solitude. For now, I still have a measure of control over the tenor of my children's days, but as the actual amount of time we spend alone together inevitably shrinks, maintaining this balance becomes more important--and more challenging."  (Katrina Kenison)

While I strive for this balance too, it's been more of a challenge for me to encourage quiet time.  More so with three babes.  Children have so much energy to spend.  My second has perpetual ants in her pants.  (She can be found running or hopping around the house throughout the day.)  What's more, they feed off each other.  Oh, how they feed!  Moods, mannerisms and verbiage spread like wildfire, especially when one gets a case of the crazies.  What inevitably happens is things get too wild, too loud and too much for mama.  I struggle so much trying to stay in control and not lose my temper.  Sadly, I fail far too often.  

Thankfully, fasting always brings with it a greater measure of self control.  Maybe from all the discipline and self-denial required?  I don't know.  It's a blessing I look forward too.  Yes, I look forward to this Lent.  

I don't think I will be around here very much, if at all for the next little while.  A blessed Fast to you!  

PS - Kids are still sick this week, so today we began a spring mural together.  I found it quite amusing that my eldest, being obsessed with dinosaurs (and really all things ferocious), wanted to have his t-rex eat a crab (mama helped with the execution).  A fitting segue to Lent... even dinosaurs fast.  :o)

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