22 April 2014

Bright Tuesday

Christ is risen!  And welcome back, friends!  It has been a very profitable break for me these past 40 days.  I am eager to revisit my little space though, perhaps do a little sweeping of the soul, hang out some thoughts to air, you know.  

I have been thinking how wonderful our Pascha was this year.  Just the right mix of calm and joy.  After the exhausting rhythm of Holy Week (the latter part mostly), Pascha arrived with all it's explosion of feeling.  Christ is risen!  No better words for it.  

And on bright Monday, we embraced again the quiet joy and time for thanksgiving.  It is a blessed cycle and one I look forward to with my whole heart.  

We went to the park yesterday morning and again in the evening.  Just walking outside with the wind playing in our hair and on our faces, we felt renewed.  Very little work was done.  Yet much happening.  Reading, building puzzles, listening to stories, playing math games, riding bikes, constructing train track cities.  And of course, eating.  Ah yes.  I'm sure I've matched my entire caloric intake of Holy Week in one day.  *sigh*  Gotta work on that.

Wishing you a bright week!

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