6 May 2014

Laundry & snippets

Such beautiful weather has been graced upon us these past few days.  Sunshine, mild breezes, budding and greenery everywhere to feast the eyes upon.  After a long winter, this is a balm to the soul - a much needed repose of the senses.  Even rain is welcome, gentle and soothing.

In a whirlwind of activity, I have almost finished housecleaning.  In one day.  Impressive.  At least, I'm impressed.  Never knew I could do it, and during the waking hours of the kiddies.  Even the laundry littering our sofa has finally found its way home.  Laundry is so hard to stay on top of.  Don't know why.  It's easy enough to wash and dry, but then it just sits there as I run around completing other needed tasks, secure in the knowledge that my laundry is clean.  Perhaps therein lies the problem: I grow complacent once items become wearable again and have started defining laundry being finished as the "wash, rinse, dry" cycle alone.  Ahhh, the drama of a housewife.  

Anyhow.  I've had a grumpy 10 month old these past few days.  Waking up at night and everything.  I gotta say, I'm pretty tired.  A very significant part of me cannot wait for her to grow up a bit and put all this nocturnal nonsense behind her!  And then she kisses (read: licks) my cheek and nestles against my shoulder, and I'm a goner.  Such sweet brown eyes, such delicious toothy smiles! 

I'll leave you today with a few tidbits and snippets of things I've passed by lately.  Cause I'm not the only one who needs fuel for procrastination... !  And because I'm not the only one who needs some sunshine.
  • I dream of tomatoes, but this lady lives them - and transplants to her heart's content too.  Who knew?!
  • Love this idea for a yarn container!  My kids would never let me have it if I ever finished one though.  
  • We really want to get a bird for the kids.  While we continue procrastinating though, this little guy is perfect to add to our animal collection!
  • This little red schoolhouse pattern is gorgeous - colours and all!
  • Too many great ideas for mason jars!  

Hoping you're having a wonderful day! 

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