24 June 2014

some art & garden updates

We had an art day yesterday.  Art days usually occur when there is a mountain of work needing to be done.  Of course.  It was more like an art hour, mind you.  S was taking her morning siesta, so J and I decided to paint.  I love days like that.  :)  

Take a closer look at the painting and you'll find a sweet contribution from my darling J.  She is not only an artist in her own right, but she has strong sentiments on sharing.  Generally, she will leave me to my work and I to hers.  However, every now and then I think she mixes up which paper is hers.  Especially when we get around to sharing brushes and trading paints.  (She likes to use up the dregs of my pigment washes when I'm done with them.)  

Anyhow.  Our one of our cucumbers has bloomed.  A beautiful buttery yellow flower.  I love all the curly tendrils shooting out this way and that.  Such a beautiful plant.  

We've added mint to our little nursery.  (Courtesy of a dear cousin!)  We love fresh mint, so I can't wait to start using it with our breakfasts!  Also, I planted some parsley today in the old pot that the radishes were in.  A little late maybe.  But we already have a beautiful pot of parsley that probably can start being cut in another week.  

As for that tomato I was worried about, no need.  It has started growing again.  Oh happy day!  

The kids are starting to snack on lettuce, parsley and spinach leaves when they mosey on outside.  D and I bought two fold up chairs and put them on the balcony amidst the pots and planters.  It makes it more homey.  We have yet to sit outside (we're usually in bed shortly after the kids), but now we can and that is a very happy thought.


  1. I love watching the littles snack from the garden. Last year my son ate about all of our mint. It meant few mojitos for me, but it tickled me to watch his eagerness.

    1. That is hilarious! (Perhaps I'd better guard that mint pot...)