19 June 2014

Our first harvest

We harvested the radishes yesterday.  The was so much dirt tracked in on the floors as enthusiastic kids pulled up cherry bulbs and ran to wash them in the sink willy-nilly.  (For crying out loud, this is a balcony garden people!)  Some of them didn't make it that far before teeth took over.  :)  We made a delicious salad to go along with lentils and rice.  They pair so nicely together.  The earthier lentils set off by the tangy bite of the radish.  Yes sir, our little ones love their radishes  And they also love lentils.  For some reason, that makes me happy.  Weird?  

I am looking forward to our spinach and lettuce.  The lettuce is really thriving.  We had a bad storm two days ago and the winds were crazy.  They ripped out some spinach and some of the new radish sprouts went too.  D had the foresight to bring in the tomato and peppers.  Hopefully we saved them.  The parsley, onions and cucumbers seemed to be fine.  I'm worried about the cucumbers actually.  They don't seem to be growing anymore.  :(  

Yesterday I finally put the blocks into a basket which I had found on sale.  They had previously been contained in a small old duffle bag.  Even though they were stored in reach of all three, no one really used them because they weren't in sight.  As if to prove the point, once I had dumped them into the basket, J started building.  We built a castle, a church and and a house.  She even built a pigpen beside the house.  It was a good call, that basket.  

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