25 July 2014

Slow down

Obviously I haven't been around here very much this past while.  We are enjoying the summer and all its richness.  Each season has a flavour.  The kids especially love this time when they can run around, get dirty, stay up late and just be kids!  

Not many projects getting finished these days, but still plugging away.  My favourites all still involve yarn.  :)  I find that if I don't make time for myself, even if just a little time, the whole family suffers.  Crocheting is my go-to strategy.  I can pick it up during spare minutes throughout the day, still be available, have a little quiet time and refocus.  I don't usually spend hours in a row with my needles, unless the kids are asleep and I have some leisure time.  (Sometimes this involves making time by putting aside all thoughts of whatever work needs to be done!)  

Art is another way I recharge.  Most of my artwork is done alongside my kids.  It is relaxing to draw, to paint, to get into art period.  I enjoy it, they enjoy it and we all benefit from that quiet time needed to concentrate on a particular piece.  

I don't know that I accomplish any more than mostly everyone else.  I think everyone just chooses differently what takes priority.  For me, today dishes and laundry took the cake, tomorrow it'll be beeswax hand cream.  (Fingers crossed!)  

Last Thursday, we spent the whole morning at the park.  We made a picnic of it.  The kids needed it, I needed it.  Being cooped up in a small space with eight people can get a little crazy.  Our whole day was beautiful because I sacrificed that time.  

And it is a sacrifice for me.  When I think of all the work that needs doing, I quail inside.  So much work and so little time.  And then one of the kids comes along and asks for help building a fire station of lego, or a leash for a stuffed dog.  What to do!?  I have to constantly remind myself to let go.  (Hello, theme of my life!)  Let go of the laundry.  Let go of the tantrums.  Let go of the messy room.  

Ironically, I feel happier when I let go despite the work not getting done.  

On Saturday we went to Albion Hills Conservation Area.  It ended up raining a bit while we were there, but I don't regret going at all.  It was beautiful.  We went paddle-boating, played with the kids on the playground and soaked up the beauty around us.  

Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa took us all out to Ripley's Aquarium and Blackcreek Pioneer Village.  We spent the morning wrapping our minds around God's incredible aquatic handiwork.  In the afternoon/evening, we slowed down noticeable as we walked through the village.  I dream about returning to those times!

I think that's another theme in my life - slowing down.  I need to slow down.  Need to slow things down around me.  I get frazzled and snappish if I feel rushed or stressed out.  (Most of the whole noise issue for me boils down to that.)  Crocheting, art, nature, gardening, walking, they all encapsulate an internal calmness.  It's like a mental breath of fresh air before plunging back into the foray.

Here's to hoping you too have many such slow moments in the coming week.  Happy weekend!


  1. Letting go and slowing down are hard, especially in our world today. It is a constant struggle for me not to get wrapped up in the norm of society, and the busy that goes with it, and instead listen to my heart and soul, and slow down.

    I feel the same way as you about crafting, creating, time in nature and gardening...it brings calmness and a deeper connection to myself.

    Hope your days continue to be slow and easy.

    1. Ah, so true. I've been wondering if I'm the only one who feels like I'm being sucked into the "norm" around me. It takes a conscious decision to stop that whole process. Queue the handmade... :)