16 July 2014

A memorable day

Yesterday was our anniversary.  We hadn't made plans, you understand, because we were spending the afternoon and evening over at D's brother's place.  I was to take the young ladies out for a movie - Belle.  (Fabulous movie!  I highly recommend it!)  Right before it was time to leave, we discovered a flood in our bathroom.  Not only in our bathroom, but it had leaked under the floor boards into the bedroom, the laundry room, the hallway and some of the living room.  Wow.  Happy anniversary honey.  

Clean up was a team affair.  We plunked the kids in front of the screen to watch cartoons, baby in crib for cat nap, and got to work.  While hardly the most romantic way I can imagine spending our seventh year together... there was something in rolling up our pant hems together and mopping up that filled me with peace and gratitude.  

So here it is D.  I am thankful for you in so many ways.  Thankful that it was me you asked seven years ago.  (Ok, technically eight.)  Thankful that you are willing to roll up your sleeve alongside me.  Thankful that you are stronger than I in so many ways so that when I need to lean on someone, you are there.  Thankful that you can give me a large dose of perspective exactly when I need it.  Thankful that your heart is big enough to truly love me - bad hair days and all.  Thankful to see how much you love our babies.   Thankful that the rock you build on daily is the Chief Cornerstone.  

I love you.  May we have many more such days together  - of toil and of joy.  


  1. Oh no, so sorry, not fun on any day, but especially not on our anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years ahead.

    1. Thank you! It really was an unforgettable day! :)