18 August 2014

In the garden and around the house

There is something special about being able to go out to my "garden" in the mornings and pick what I need for the day's cooking.  I feel joyful, wealthy, and somehow connected to God in a profound way - studying His handiwork.   It's really a priceless feeling.  

Today my nieces are over (we had a sleepover!) and we made kefta.  So I needed parsley.  Thankfully my parsley patch was in need of a good haircut.  I was only too happy to oblige.  Yesterday we make carrot cake cupcakes.  Mini cupcakes.  They were delicious.  

As an aside, I love making things in bite-sized pieces.  Then I don't feel so bad when I eat 3 or 4!  (That's only like one big cupcake, right?!)  I gotta work on my self-control.  

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get out the pencils and do some drawing.  A little change of pace from the constant kitchen work.  I think the kids will enjoy it too.  It's been my experience anyhow that when I sit down and draw, they rather suddenly wish to do the same.  And so we usually sit together - at least for some of the time.  It's a perfect arrangement.

Hoping your day is cheery!


  1. Those mini cupcakes look delicious, and three or four sounds just about right :) I love drawing with my little man, always fun, and good for both of us. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Kim. They were delicious! As I plan our imaginary get-together in my head, I believe these would feature, though maybe not with icing. Anyhow, hope your day was good today!