3 December 2014

Christmas projects

A Christmas project complete.  Hurrah!  Only 997 more to go.  Just kidding.  It feels good to be finished with one.  Finally happy with the crown too.  (Hard to see in these photos... but she was so excited and jumpy that I had a hard time keeping her still for a photo op.)  

I do have 3 other hats that need finishing, But two of them are almost there.  The third I have yet to start.  Also I am planning a gorgeous red scarf.  All Christmas gifts.  Needing to be done by the 24th. For some reason I'm not so worried.  I feel like I'm motoring along with these projects!  (Hmm... I wonder if that will change?)  

I mentioned some wood burning would be happening and so it has!  I don't think this medallion (St. John the Evangelist) will take too much longer to finish, but that is a pity as I find it so soothing to sit quietly in the evenings gently burning lines into the soft face of wood.  The tool heats up enough to keep my perpetually cold hands nice and hot.  (In my books, wood burning is a winter art.  And perhaps rug making.  But I digress.)

I have been reading from a smorgasbord these days.  A little of Michael O'Brian's short stories for Advent, a little of Bishop Irenaius - he has some very practical and profound words on raising children - and a little Jane Austen.  I can't help but love her.  

And that is that.  Happy Wednesday!

Joining Ginny and friends for this week's Yarn Along.


  1. The hat looks great! I can just imagine how excited she was. And look at you wood burning, the medallion looks wonderful. Nice work!

    1. She doesn't know it's for her! She thinks it's for her cousin! (Incidentally, I am making three for her cousins...)