11 February 2015

A substitute machine and French baguettes

I haven't been crocheting like usual this little while.  It's not that I lack motivation, more like time.  Also, any time I've set aside has gone into some sewing projects.  When she heard my machine broke, one of my dear aunts lent me her sewing machine.  

This machine is just phenomenal!  So smooth, so responsive.  I don't know how I'm going to go back to my other one once I get it fixed.  :)  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Aunt Annie!  

From our kitchen, to yours, I feel compelled to share one of the best bread recipes we've ever made!  Certainly the easiest and fastest and most convenient.  And all thanks to a posting from my friend, Yanic.  (Thank you, Yanic!)  I can't wait to try it with whole wheat or sprouted wheat flour.  Yum!

It didn't take long to make at all.  I started them around 2pm and the loaves were finished before dinner.  We had them with a hearty lasagna.  Actually, we started eating them before, technically.  The kids love home made bread when it's fresh and still warm from the oven.  It reminds me of my own childhood.  :)  It's honestly fantastic bread - you won't regret making it!  

Here are my babies being helpful.  M is doing my dishes, and J is doing her dishes.  They love water play.  Anything with water and they'll spend hours quietly finishing the task.  Love these darlings.  

This is my little man making music.  J was given a harp for her birthday and we have all been enjoying it.  J and M really genuinely love to play.  

Wishing you days filled with the sound of music!

Joining Nicole and friends for this week's Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. How nice of your aunt to lend you her machine. You tried the bread, that is awesome. I have the recipe open on my computer, hoping to give it a go tomorrow. Can't wait!

    1. Enjoy! I'm already itching to try some variations!