2 February 2015

The perfect storm

Last night's storm brought a closure of schools for our area.  And so we had a delightfully cosy day together, started off of course with crêpes for breakfast.  (It was a practically perfect day!)  Definitely one full of industrious curiosity, laughter and mattress forts.  And a dear little cousin joined us for most of the day too!  :)

They loved "working" side by side.  Such enthusiasm for practical life activities and academic advancement I have never seen!  I was bombarded by requests for "more work"!  (Imagine my delight!)  There was an artistic experience with the metal insets that blew their minds away - they sat there for a good half hour making booklets of shapes.  

And here I am. at the end of the day, tired.  Oh so tired.  And humbled.  But so completely fulfilled.  As if I had spent an entire day doing everything I wanted.  Oh wait.  I kind of did...  This is exactly what I would've wanted if I would've known how to ask.  Thank you my darlings for a delightful snow day.  


  1. Sounds absolutely perfect! And more snow coming tonight :)

  2. Sounds like you made the best of it... how wonderful. Don'T you just LOVE Melissa & Doug nob puzzles? Our house is full of them. :-)

    1. Hehe, ours too! Our kids love those wooden puzzles too. :)