1 March 2015

Letting off steam and waiting for spring

I haven't been on this space in a while.  A few things going on to keep me away.  Lots of work getting french materials ready for the summer as well as running the home and working with the kids.  Also kind of slower with Lent.  And sometimes not slower.  But that's usually because of the kids.  :)  They never slow down.  Except to sleep.  And maybe read.  (I love reading time...)

We had some dear friends over this evening.  A bit of a last minute gathering, but so wonderful.  So needed.  To connect and share and go deep.  There is strength in that, and comfort.  The kids were bouncing off the walls though, and for some reason it rocked my boat more than usual.  I mean, I struggle with patience on a good day, but today was not one of my finest.  I felt like I was almost picking fights with them... kind of like a teenager.  Maybe PMS is on the way... yeesh!  

At the end of the day though, all they really needed was to let off some steam.  Things improved once I sent them out the door.  They ran in the hallways over and over on our floor until they were too tired to keep going.  Then we made donuts and had them with fruit.  Cause if you're going to have donuts, you should be healthy about it... Riiiiight.

Then they begged me to sleep beside each other on the floor.  They've been begging for almost a week.  Tonight, I caved in and set up the mattress with some pillows.  This is what I came in to see when I went to check on them later.  (Obviously it was way darker than what the picture shows...)  So sweet.  So innocent and full of childlike love.  They were practically holding hands.  

And that made it all better.  (Well, that and having the dishes done.)  The whole day, my bad mood, my yelling, my stressing out over silly things.  Gone.  

I guess I needed a little TLC too... even if it came from sleeping babies showing it to each others.

PS - Despite the slew of recent -30 days, we are eagerly looking to spring nowadays, as you can tell!  We've planted some radish and parsley seeds in little "planters" for the kids.  Actually, it was M's idea and he started it all.  Now we have 3 little containers sitting on our table basking in the sun.  Stay tuned for the finale!  


  1. It really is the little things that can turn a day around, eh?

  2. Fruit with donuts, absolutely... isn't that what the jelly is for? To make it more balanced? LOL!
    Oh how I've been where you are. You can almost feel your "mommy-IQ" dropping by the second. But yes, it all evens out in the end and sometimes, just like they need to run like crazy, we need to vent. I'm glad you have found balance again my friend. xo

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Yanic. Sometimes I feel a little dense like that. ;)