12 May 2015

Back for now

After a rather unplanned and lengthy hiatus, I'm not sure how to return here.  It's been a rocky few months around here to say the least.  I've not been myself.  See, we're expecting #4 this fall and morning sickness has been a nigh constant companion.  Usually I try to live in the moment and keep reminding myself that the present is best.  I can't tell you how much I am looking ahead to the next few weeks where, hopefully, this nausea abates.  

Otherwise, everything is fine and dandy.  I am not working on any projects.  Laundry is a big enough project for now.  I am in the slow lane these days.  I count little victories.  Dinner.  Dishes.  (Mostly D does the dishes, blessed man.)  Getting out to the park.  Things like that.  

Yesterday evening I did some light planting ahead of the long weekend while the kids rode bikes with Papa.  We wanted to have more space for the kids to play on the balcony, but I'm not sure if I could nix the garden completely.  We have a little wooden play kitchen and I'm thinking to put it outside for the summer.

Of course we are still plugging away at lessons.  I say plugging away, but it's not really as dry as it sounds.  Except for me, maybe.  Everything is hard and dry for me!  The kids are motoring along.  We have an Arabic teacher coming every week, which was a miraculous find for us.  :)  She is wonderful and the kids love her.  Other than that, M is starting multiplication and he is oh so ready for it.  He is also reading to us almost daily.  His reading has improved drastically over the past few months.  It's a wonder how far patience and a little daily effort will take you.  J is also really coming along.  Her reading is much more confident, and she's getting faster at spelling with the big moveable alphabet.  

Our course of study is not very rigorous, especially given this mama's fatigue.  We do a little something every day.  A little spelling, a few fun sums (M's favourite subject is math), a page or two (or 10 if he's willing) from Danny and the Dinosaur.  Sometimes we nix the book work and stick to house work.  Cleaning windows, folding laundry with mom, dusting, mopping, vacuuming.  I'm sure I've said it before, but my kids love vacumming.  And lego.  We all love lego.  (Except maybe D who's constantly stepping on it...)  

Anyhow.  Though by no means comprehensive, I guess that'll do for an update.  I hope I won't be MIA too much anymore.  Fingers crossed.  

Wishing you a great week.


  1. So happy to see you in your space. Such wonderful and exciting news my friend. I do hope the nausea subsides as you move into your second trimester.

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. xo

  2. Hello again, was just thinking while I was washing the dinner dishes, if you ever want to take a little drive down the 401, would love to meet up for a nature adventure with you and your kiddos. We could meet in Whitby, there is a great spot there, the one where we feed the birds and chipmunks :) Give me a shout if you are up for it once the morning sickness moves on.


    1. Oh that sounds just lovely. The kids and I would just love it! I will definitely drop you a line when things settle on the nausea front. (Lately all I feel like doing is curling up with a book on the sofa!) Can't wait to think we'll meet in person finally!

  3. I know I've said it before, but CONGRATS! Sorry your stomach have been playing tricks on you, I'm so hoping it passes soon. Seems like you get as much done as I do, but I'm not pregnant and I only have 2 at home. :-) I think it is quite impressive.

    Much healing vibes sent your way. It,s nice to have you back!

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Yanic. I do feel a teeny bit better on average. I hope it's on the way out for good! :)