3 September 2015

A little fishy

On Saturday, D took the two older kids fishing with M's Godfather at Heart Lake Conservation.  (Oh how they loved it!)  They got filthy playing in the mud and with the bait.  J wanted to bring home some worms as pets.  And M caught two fish.  Tiny fish.  But that didn't matter to him.  He kept telling me that he could help find food for us to cook and eat now.  (What a sweet little monkey!)

Anyhow, I got a chance to put my feet up, and then S and I made salsa.  First time.  Also, we made tomato paste.  Another first.  They are both just delicious.  I can't tell you how something as simple as tomato paste can be so delicious, but it is.  You can taste the sunshine and the earth.  (Not literally... that would probably taste terrible... the earth part especially.)  But I had no idea that you needed a bazillion tomatoes for one measly jar!  Oh well.  I used this recipe for the salsa, but omitted the peppers.  Our kids have milder tastes, but I did add fresh ground black pepper.  It did the trick.  A mild salsa just bursting with flavour.

By the way, that photo is some of M's math.  He is trying to memorize the multiplication facts.  It is a bit of a long process, I think, but he just loves it.  He brought this chart out by himself and started filling it in for fun.  That's how I can tell he's into math - it's fun work for him!

So this past weekend was all about tomatoes.  And cleaning.  And fish.  :)  And perhaps a little cookery on the side.

Looking forward some apple picking with the whole family this weekend!  Cheers!

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