4 January 2016

Back to the mundane...

Happy 2016!  After a sweet break from our everyday routine, we are back to it again.  And I am actually excited to return to the mundane.  :) 

Of course, there are some new additions to our days.  M and J start skating lessons once a week for a couple of months.  And for Christmas, M got soccer lessons on Saturdays.  I don't think it will be much of a disruption to our rhythm.  D takes Michael to soccer (a sort of father-son thing) and I fixed it so that their skating lessons are at the same time.  A two for one deal.  I pick them up from school, feed them and off we head to the rink.  As for the younger two, I have no doubt they'll take it in stride.  

I am also trying to find a good piano teacher for M at least and maybe J.  They love music and it just feels like starting them in lessons is the right thing to do.  We might hold off on that until skating is done though depending on how it affects our routine.  (I am quite conscious of my inability to handle too many activities outside the home while still retaining my patience and good humour.)  

Anyhow, my to-do list has taken on a new hue: practical.  For example, the kids need a new dresser, also, S will be needing a real bed soon so I'm thinking trundle bed.  (Space is at a premium here...)  It would actually work out really well with our set-up, so fingers crossed we can make it happen soon.  And wouldn't she just love a "big kid" bed too!  

Baby M is just as cute as a button.  Still head over heels for that one, I am.  She just has a way to get us all wrapped around her finger without trying.  All of us, I say!  We're positively ga-ga over baby.  And by the way, I have to say what a different soul she is from the others, even at the tender age of 1.5 months.  For one thing, she sleeps like a champ.  NINE HOURS last night, my friends.  What a considerate little darling!  (Normally she goes around 5 or 6, but I'll take it!)  For another, she just loves to watch us and coo from her chair.  For a long time.  I could eat her.  But enough gushing.  

S and I (and baby M) are off to Michael's craft store.  They have a sale on yarn and I am needing some orange for another hooded cowl.  I love those kind of errands - the ones that end up in another exciting project.  (That there above is a photo of M's newest project for school - a popsicle stick house for little animals... possibly birds?)    

Enjoy the real winter weather!  (My monkeys were ecstatic this morning about wearing snow pants to school for the first time...)


  1. Happy New Year my friend!!!! I love the mundane, and was happy to return to it today too. Although we didn't stray too far from our normal daily rhythm during the holidays, it was just enough that this introvert is craving some slow, simple and mundane days at home.

    Wishing you all the best in 2016!!! xo

    1. Yes and yes! May we all have more of the comfy and cozy routine that is winter. xo