22 December 2015

Christmas crafting

Just stopping by to share some of our Christmas crafting.  A foxy messenger bag (which will probably not be ready by Christmas...), pine cone ornaments, Christmas cookies with my elf, peppermint bark jars, a chef's apron for M (shhh!).  Yesterday, I taught the two older ones to finger knit, so they have been knitting garlands to decorate our home.  J has taken to it surprisingly well, though I don't have a photo here to show.  She really loves handiwork, especially when it's something do-able for her little hands.  

Lots of family festivities going on around here with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.  Which feels exactly right for this time of year.  Baby M loves being passed around the group while napping in various arms.  (Honestly, just holding her feels like Christmas to me - look at those cheeks and those little lips!)  I have embraced the chaos and we are coasting along: doing what can be done and not worrying about the rest.    

Now is when we really dive into the last bit of baking and cleaning.  And of course the wrapping of all these goodies.  Wishing you a blessed Christmas season!

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