18 January 2016

Quickie update

On Friday we got our new budgie, Romanos.  He's an English Budgie and the kids named him.  I must say it is a fitting name - he chirps quite melodiously!  :)  Thankfully he is hand-raised, so he's quite used to be handled.  I say thankfully because my older three do not leave him alone for a moment when they are awake.  (Sometimes mama has to intervene for birdie's sake!)  But he really is a good bird, very tolerant and relaxed, despite being manhandled by 3 well-meaning children.  And they love when he eats from their hands.  While I'm told he will eat anything, we've found he prefers apples and broccoli.  So far.  

D started a new contract in the new year and it's keeping him quite busy.  Otherwise, life is the same.  Except on Mondays when there is skating.  Then, there is somewhat of a scrambling to get home, eat, read a story, work on a math problem, build some Lego, and then get out to skating.    It's not terribly crazy, but it's different from our usual routine.  My crockpot is a great friend for days like these.  A nice roast, a whole chicken, chicken soup.  Bonus, I can leave the house while it's cooking to do errands.  I think everyone should have a crockpot!  :)  

By the way, the kids love skating.  First, J thought she'd be skating circles around the rink.  She was disappointed the first lesson was all about getting up after falling.  M remembered from last year's skating episode.  And he actually was able to walk/skate a bit on the ice.  With plenty of tumbles mind you.  And we love watching our babies.  Our babies that are not quite so little anymore.   


  1. Hello there Romanos, what a cutie. Glad to hear all is well in your world my friend. xo