26 January 2016

Wise words

I am trying to organize the kitchen somewhat.  Having a small kitchen forces us to be creative with space and selective with stuff.  It is a challenge, especially when I want so much to create a kid-friendly environment.  We spend a heap of time working in the kitchen, which means it's a great starting point.  And so, here I am.  That's what I'm working on today anyhow.  Tomorrow it's time for  ordering seeds.  (Gotta have those tomato seeds ready to start next month.)  And parent-teacher interviews.

I have also started playing the piano again.  After an 8 year hiatus,  Not pretty, my friends.  But it's so wonderful sitting down again... just wish I had the same enthusiasm back then.  (I hated piano lessons and having to practice everyday!)  Michael has started playing more seriously too, though he usually finishes "practice" time with some choice explorative pounding.  So we take turns tinkering.  And learning together.

This picture above is one of my favourites.  The older three sitting in front of the oven waiting for their cheese sandwiches to finish melting.  A little pre-bedtime snack.  It was hilarious to see all three noses literally up against the oven door.  (And in the time it took me to grab the camera, some of them became unglued.  Naturally.)

I am noticing that with four young children, it is tricky to give each child some one-on-one time with mama or papa.  S gets the most because she is with me during the day while the older two are in school.  I love that she follows me literally everywhere around the house with her little lamb and bunny.  And often a sippy cup.  And while I sit and scrub toilets, she sings twinkle-twinkle little star.  Of course, she has her own work to do while I putter around the kitchen.  Pouring things, making smoothies for everyone from the overripe bananas, and playing with Romanos.  I really try to make her a part of what I'm doing so I don't feel the need so much plunk her in front of a film.  Some days it's easier, and others are harder.  We take one day at a time as much as we can.  I'm always thankful for those good days.  They remind me how much fun it is to have little ones!

How I wish for more time like that again with each of my babies.  They aren't kidding when those older ladies (or gentleman) pass you and remark how fast time passes and to enjoy the present day (even moment!) with your kids.  Yep.  Sage advice.


  1. Indeed, sage advice. I feel the time slipping through my fingers these days as I watch my little man mature and grow, much too fast for this mama.

    1. I wonder if every mama feels the same at various points throughout their lives...