13 December 2016

A few December traditions

Advent has begun a couple of weeks ago, but we are sluggish in our Christmas making.  This is my fault.  There is something about life nowadays that has me anxious to complete the daily work without any frills.  Survival mode of sorts.  Or perhaps it's just a prolonged and much-needed break - an unconscious need making itself heard.  Don't know.  I have grand plans, as always, but need that initial thrust to get started.

There are two hats I have finished, at long last, for my girls.  So thankful for that thrust of motivation, as it is getting colder outside.  Now I must dig deep to finish M's.

On a completely unrelated note, I have to mention just how much my kids love our Schleich figures.  We have built up our collection over the years and it is by far the "go to" toy in our home.  That and Lego.  :)  They really are so well made, I can't speak highly enough about them.  Our kids have been given several different brands in addition to the Schleich, but I have to say that the Schleich have held up best of all.  So.  If you are looking, it's a great gift for toddlers and older children too!

We had a lovely feast of St. Barbara on the 4th.  It is tradition to make special donuts dunked in an orange-blossom flavoured honey syrup.  Delicious.  Mine didn't turn out too well.  I mean they taste ok, but I don't seem to leave them in the syrup long enough for them to soak up a little of the moisture on the inside.  Ah well.  We still enjoyed them.

And St Nicholas visited the children on the 6th.  It is one of their favourite days.  He left some chocolate milk and money in each boot.  And that is more than enough to make their little faces glow with happiness!  They can barely go to sleep the night before and woe to us if we forget.  Actually, one year I forgot to put them in their shoes and they woke up and checked their shoes.  How disappointed they were.  Then, in a flash of inspiration I dropped the goodies into their snow boots and then suggested they check ALL their shoes.  Eventually they found them and the saying went out that St. Nicholas prefers boots.  This year they set their boots out to be sure.

I love thinking to think up small ways to create in them a real love for God and the saints.  That's kind of why we do it.  M has asked how does St. Nicholas know where we live and how does he come.  I tell him that sometimes St. Nicholas visits himself, and other times he sends someone in his stead.  I think he will understand soon that we are the ones that put the treats in their boots, but I don't think that will change anything for him.  St. Nicholas is a beloved saint to the children.

There are two weeks till the end of Advent.  If I don't have time to update this space before then, it is because I choose to retain my sanity, to enjoy each moment as it comes without thought for documenting its posterity.  Wishing you a white and wonderful journey!

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  1. Hello my dear friend. So nice to see you in your space, I have missed you. Sounds like life is moving along. It is the same here :) St Nicholas visited us too, and my little man now questions the realness of it....I just shrug my shoulders and smile. He loves the day. It is the same with our Advent gnome this year, he is totally into it, but suddenly realizes that it's me, and that all the activities and things we do have been planned out by me. It's different, but still fun and magical.

    I hope you all have a beautiful holiday season. All the best.

    PS Let's make 2017 the year we meet in person...okay?