18 November 2013

Blustery day

It's been quite a blustery day today.  (That sounds suspiciously like a Winne the Pooh line?)  Last night the wind kicked up into hyper drive, and it's carried over till now.  It was pushing the little ones as we waited for the bus this morning.  In fact, it almost picked up J and carried her away!  (They each clung to my legs to anchor themselves.)  All morning we listened to it howl around the buildings and hammer furiously at our door.  Even now, sometimes I expect it to blow through right into the room.  

But it hasn't and we are warm and snug here.  My babies are sleeping and all is well.  

We had a nice weekend.  Part of the niceness is that we spend it together.  We go shopping together, we play together, we work together.  We even visit (or are visited) together.  I treasure all these moments.  They become more precious as time goes by.  I made a great

My list of yarn projects has been largely put on hold due to a huge blanket I am trying to finish for Christmas.  It is an ambitious undertaking.  And very beautiful too!  It is a project for a dear, dear friend.  Wish me luck!

Speaking of Christmas, I found this site the other day and thought it was absolutely FANTASTIC!  Now that is where I'd do my Christmas shopping if I had a big enough budget!  It's perfect for M and J.  They're forever getting into sword fights - except they use screwdriver and hammers for their swords.  Never said they weren't creative...

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