25 November 2013


Today I managed to coax J's hair into pigtails.  They're more like paintbrushes than tails... but terribly  cute all the same!  My little girl is getting so big...!!!  

And this is my other constant companion.  She literally spends hours here taking things in, thumping her legs on the floor happily, or rolling around in circles.  (This convenient arrangement allows me to get quite a bit of work done in the kitchen...)

Since Monday is when we "recover" from the weekend, I usually do some light housekeeping.  Vacuuming, dusting, laundry.  That sort of thing.  Especially the laundry.  Laundry is a never-ending story in this house.  There is no day where I can triumphantly proclaim, "It is finished."  Alas.  But I digress.  So I was do a little cleaning with my girls.  I had just made the beds and was vacuuming when I looked over to see J jumping exuberantly on my bed.  My freshly-made bed.  Only it wasn't so "made" anymore.  *sigh*  What is it about cleanliness that magnetically attracts little ones?  If I wash my floors, someone is sure to spill something as soon as I put away the mop.  Is it Murphy's law, or just a kid thing?  

I am working furiously by lamplight most nights trying to finish this blanket project.  Fingers still crossed that it's done for Christmas.  D thinks I've finally gone off the deep end.  As if I'm already not getting enough sleep, I go and sign up for less.  Pssh.  Sleep is overrated, I tell him.  And he shakes his head knowingly.

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