31 July 2015

Cookery & a few tidbits from daily life

I am so happy to find a bit of time to post this!  I was hoping to get some kitchen fun in this week.  :)  We have stalled a little in our preserving and putting up of summer produce, but I suspect that will pick up again after this weekend.  We are travelling to Quebec early tomorrow morning, so there are preparations to be finished.   

After another lovely gift of apples from my cousin, my sister requested I make an apple custard pie for her visit.  (I was only too happy to oblige!)  I have a bag in the freezer of apple filling for sometime later on - I think I might have to make a pie for a special cousin...

Fresh bread waxes and wanes in our home these days.  It was a good day, as you can tell from this loaf on the counter.  If I had a big enough freezer, I'd freeze a bunch of dough in small bags to have ready when needed.  Now that would be awesome!  

Okra and meat in a tomato paste sauce.  I can't tell you how delicious, how filling this dish is.  The kids somehow prefer spinach to this, but they ate it up too.  This mama is not a short-order cook, so these kiddies of ours have gotten used to eating what's put on the table.  It does tend to be obvious which are favourites though by the amount of second and third helpings.  ;)  

My little helpers!  Lots of little hands helping to break the string beans into smaller pieces.  We cook them with onions.  They love that.  And they love helping out too.  Usually, I take out a bag of beans, plunk myself at the table and start.  This is like flowers to a bee, and not many minutes pass before they swarm around me begging to help.  They really are helpers, I must say.  It takes no time at all to finish with two or three or four sets of hands pitching in.  These are beautiful moments in life that I store up as little memory treasures - tidbits of joy that brighten my days.

Interestingly enough, we often have very deep conversations around the table while we work.  And sometimes in the car on our way to wherever.  It's... priceless.  I'm sure every parent has those kinds of talks with their kids.  Kids are just full of whatever's around them, and they're constantly processing.  To have them share these reflections or questions with me creates this profound connection between us.  I don't feel that I am adequate or capable, of shaping them in this way.  However, as a mama, I don't have much choice!  I simply pray that God touches their little hearts and works in their lives the way that they need, despite my bumbling clumsiness and failings.  

There are some serious studies going on around here.  :)  Colouring always is.  And when little baby (who's not so much a baby any more) just has to imitate older siblings, well, it's a beautiful sight.  I look forward to collaborating with these little ones on a serious art project one day.  That, of course, would require me to get organized and possibly plan something.  Hmmm.  I foresee a long interval before completion.  A mama can dream though.  

Enjoy your weekend!  


  1. Lots going on there. Yeah, I feel you on the bread thing. I tried baking buns this week and the heat just wouldn't have it, the rose, then collapsed, then rose again only to flatten in the oven. I've decided tortillas and pitas would be on the menu until the humidity settles a bit.

    OOH! Quebec, which part???

    1. Brownsburg-Chatham, an hour outside of Montreal. Kind of on the border, if you will. I hear you with the humidity. Tomorrow it's going to be flat pizzas for us!

  2. Such a beautiful life you lead my friend.

    I love car conversations with my little man. He will be daydreaming staring out the window, and then something profound and interesting comes out of his mouth and it floors me.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Safe travels. xo

    1. They truly are priceless, those times. Enjoy your weekend and that fabulous garden!