4 August 2015

In a pickle

Rain-washed air smells so fresh, so clean, so wholesome.  You can't help but take extra deep breaths as you inhale its scent.  I love being outside right after a storm, especially in the quiet of evening.  When nature itself rests, absorbs, and covers the earth with a tranquil garment of peace.  The stars twinkle, the crickets chirp, a few fireflies glow softly.  Everything is soft, everything is peaceful, ready for its nightly rest and renewal.  

My soul is somehow renewed, strengthened by these moments,  And in a way I cannot completely understand.  As if the soul is able to assimilate an unearthly peace, a glimpse of God Himself through His handiwork.  What beauty, what richness, what blessing!

Amid these thoughts, it seems a little odd to reminisce on the past week.  We were supposed to head to Quebec this weekend, but our plans had to be cancelled due to an unfortunate last minute occurance.  However, it ended up working out beautifully for this tired mama.  We had a lovely Sunday, though it wasn't as flashy as some.  We finally got a couple bags of cucumbers from the  farmer's market.  (Along with tomatoes and fresh eggs of course!)  Last night we finished preparing them and getting them into jars.  I use this recipe in a general way and we add our own seasoning to taste.  I always have fresh grape leaves in my freezer (usually for stuffing) and we've used them with lots of success in the past.  The pickles really do stay crunchy, even over many months.  That's my little helper in the picture above posing with our jars of pickles.  He is eagerly waiting for fermentation, and plans on helping to burp the jars as needed.  :)  What a darling that little man is.

On Monday we went blueberry and corn picking at Andrew's.  The kids had the time of their lives playing in the bushes and on the climbing structures afterwards.  The berries weren't as ripe as we wanted, but that didn't stop the little ones.  Oh no.  Look at that little munchkin in the bushes stuffing her face with berries.  That makes me happy - watching them wading through bushes checking under leaves, finding a ladybug, chasing a butterfly, purple smears on their hands and mouths.  It just feels so right.  Children need to be connected to nature, to the outdoors, to life.  It's so easy nowadays to plunk them in front of the screen and leave it at that.  But this?  This is what they thrive on!

A simply beautiful day.  Wishing for many more days like these...


  1. What a wonderful sounding week-end. I'm sorry your plans fell through, but seems like you definitely made the most of it. We are all in a u-pick state of mind these days I think. I took the kiddos raspberry picking this morning, so many stains, so much fun!

    Hope you are having a lovely week. xo

    1. Yes, and how lovely to have nice weather amid it all! :) Enjoy all those raspberries!

  2. Lovely photos of your kiddos enjoying nature, and all it's goodness. Blueberries have been picked here, twice, and we will be going back again next week. Those little berries are so good. My first jar of lacto fermented pickles is underway, and I am hoping to give them a try this weekend :)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend my friend, it is suppose to be the perfect summer weekend. Enjoy!

    1. I'm so glad you got pickling too! Congratulations! :) It was a big deal for me, for some reason, when we started. Yes, we haven't seen the last of the blueberries, that's for sure. Nature is the only place I feel my kids can truly be themselves and just be.

      Wishing you the same this weekend dear Kim!