20 March 2012

Sand, rocks dirt & sun

Sand, rocks, dirt and sun.  That pretty much sums up the past three days for us.  Ever since the weather gods decided to skip March and most of April, we've been enjoying summer-like temperatures!  Of course, the irony is a little thick... it being the first day of the SPRING equinox and all.  Only, it seems as though spring took a vacation this year.  

The kids just LOVE the weather.  J has been hiking up little hills, tasting sand, pointing out ants on the sidewalk, and obsessing over the millions of dogs that have suddenly appeared.  M spends his time climbing mostly.  Climbing rocks, climbing play structures, climbing hills.  Also, he is desperately trying to find a friend for Slimy.  He spent most of our morning walk hunting around in the grass.  Our search recommences this evening after dinner...

Needless to say with all this that our time indoors is at an all-time low.  :o)  No complaints from my corner.  Certainly none from the kids!  In fact, it doesn't seem like they have much energy to complain - minus Miss J's characteristic whining that is.  And M, well, he's usually asleep once head and pillow make contact.    

What limited inside time does mean is that my crocheting time has dipped significantly into the "1-row-a-day-before-jumping-into-bed" territory.  Don't judge my enthusiasm for my new hobby by these results.  I love crocheting.  Deeply.  Someday I will vie for greatness alongside Jill, Emily and Julie.  

Until then, I'll be here.  One row at a time.  And preferably after bath time.  

Happy Spring!

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