4 August 2012

Lazy summer days

I have grown abominably lazy these past two months.  I am writing this to have hard evidence for when my laziness tries to convince me to the contrary.  A few loads of laundry, a cake or two, and monkey detail hardly equates to an industrious mother.  The truth of the matter is: I have no incentive to work!  Back in Canada, if I didn't work, we didn't eat.  There's incentive!  Here, my MIL races to finish everything before anyone is awake.  I can't compete with that!  Not only that, but why do the work if someone else will do it for you?  See what I mean!?  It's a terrible conundrum.

We experienced a wonderful blessing last Thursday.  Greek monks from Simonopetra monastery on Mount Athos came bringing a piece of the Holy Cross and the relics of St. Barbara the Great Martyr and St Mary Magdalene to our village.  The surrounding villages thronged to the small church in a grand procession chanting "O Lord save thy people".  The church was adorned with palms and branches on its archways, but the the joy and expectation decorating each face was more beautiful.  Vespers was celebrated in pomp and piety and the people crushed each other trying to venerate the relics.  M was wide-eyed and wondrous during the whole proceeding.  His little heart understood and absorbed it all with childlike wisdom.  (J on the other hand was hot and fractious, but no matter.)

I am convinced more and more that there are places where our minds and our intellects cannot go, and it is precisely in these places where God is found in quiet splendour.  Perhaps this is why Christ  enjoined us to be as little children.  

Yesterday we made play food from salt dough.  The kids shaped it into little pies and tarts and cookies and such.  Then we baked them in the oven to harden.  If we find some acceptable paints, my goal is to have the kids paint them.  Anyhow, we have play food now.  And that is never a bad thing.  :o)

In my next update, I shall write more about the little projects I've started.  Nothing large-scale of course, but I suppose I prefer smaller projects to begin with.  The kinds that let one slow down and enjoy the flowers.  Even in work, I like to slow down.  Give me a basket of laundry and a clothesline any day!

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