14 February 2013

A little animal love

I have made the leap from simply crocheting to pattern making.  I know.  It's a big step for me.  My head is just too full of ideas to sit complacently!  After making this mouse, modified slightly from here, I have developed a bunny pattern.  I am just trying to decide which ears work best with the bunny. Floppy or alert?  I'm "leaning" toward floppy.  (No pun intended!)

The mouse was a gift for a sweet little newborn girl.  But I have got so many requests to make more that I'm thinking of going into business.  Seriously!  What could be more fun than selling little animals on Etsy?  Work from home, no deadlines (minus the self-imposed), minimum expense, flexible hours... everything a mom could ask for!  :o)  A gal can dream...  

Hope your day is full of love.

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