23 February 2013

A little February update

I've been MIA here this month for a number of reasons.  First and foremost: we're moving!  We found a condo to rent, so that kept us all busy for a while.  I dream of gardens and green things growing in good tilled earth... but I'll settle for this in the interim while we gear up for #3.  (THAT is going to be another adventure in itself and too many adventures don't sit well with me.)

I will post pics of our new place once we move in.  We are all excited of course, especially the little ones.  They are loving every minute of time with their grandparents and aunts.  And yet, they are looking forward to our new home with just as much enthusiasm.  Hurrah!

We may have been busy, but not busy enough to forgo some sweet V-day cookies.  Little ones always bring sunshine with them, despite the tears and trials.  :o)   

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