2 March 2013

In my "crafting" room...

... I have a few projects a-brew in full throttle!

  • that scalloped baby blanket in a soothing oatmeal
  • two spring dresses for my girl - one a navy polka-dot and the other a sweet flower fabric
  • a messenger bag for my boy - in a car fabric that he chose no less!
  • a crocheted bunny I designed for my niece's birthday
  • crocheted flowers and leaves for decorating the tea cozy I have planned.

Which explains my reluctance to tear myself away to document them or get to the computer.  Also, with the move coming up this weekend, we are shifting gears to packing everything up.  This just means I have deadlines galore on most of these projects.  Hallelujah.  Bring it on.

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