29 March 2013

A few of my favourite things

All this house-hunting leaves me feeling frazzled and in need of an oasis of soothing calm.  I seem to turn inwards to very simple things during these kind of times.  Visiting a friend, talking with a sister, absorbing a service quietly in church, drinking tea, sewing at in the stillness of the night, a hug from D, crocheting little dinosaurs for M...

I really don't want to lose my mind while trying find our own little space.  This - the searching - is the stressful part of our journey, I suppose.  Perhaps some people find it plain exciting though.  It is exciting when you find good potential homes, but then begins the filtering, seeing, calculating, compromising, researching, etc.  Multiply that by however many homes we go through and it adds up time and energy-wise.  I feel badly for the kids because I'm not always connected with them, though we be in the same room.  I'll be on the computer sorting through properties while they play "boat" on the rug or climb into the cupboards.  I hope this changes soon.  D has been working crazy hours for a project deadline, so I often have to carry the torch at home.  I miss him.

I'm sure you can gather from all this that I am usually in need of a proverbial pick-me-up.  Here are some of the things that have brightened my day recently:  
  • Getting organized in small and simple yet profound ways.
  • Having my kids clamour to help with any and all cooking... I have to say that it definitely makes things go slower than usual.
  • Dreaming about our new home and how to decorate each room!  (This is definitely my go-to happy place when I feel like I'm going bonkers.)
  • Drinking hot tea early in the morning in the silence when no one is awake and the sky is starting to lighten.
  • Going for walks on warmer days with the wagon and hearing the kids squeal when D or I push them high on the swings
  • Watching my son take care of his sister - guiding her safely through throngs of people to mom or dad.
  • Hearing that same son sounding out his letters and trying to find words that contain the sound of each letter.  This is the most rewarding part of teaching him - seeing him take off on his own!  
  • Any time I get a hug - from D or M or J.  Sometimes I even cry.  I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  :oD

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