22 March 2013

Mindfulness and healing

This is not a post about what projects are being carried out in our house, though there are many.  I have included pictures for that.  This is a post about healing and mindfulness.   

I had a conversation this week with someone.  When we are sick, we seem to rush around to take medicine, get better and basically do what it takes to get back into the rush of life we seem associate with health.  Our bodies are machines to optimize and troubleshoot when a part (or the whole) malfunctions.  The problem is that we're not machines and all this rushing around has serious repercussions   

By the way, I'm sitting here sick as a dog.  Congested, sore throat, headache and chilly.  I feel like a piece of raw meat being tenderized.  (Why that analogy came to mind, I have no idea.)  That's what I feel like.  And I sound like a raspy old lady who's been smoking her whole life.  That's if I talk sporadically.  If I am talking (or yelling) more than occasionally, which is always the case until about 9:00pm, I sound like a raspy old man who's been smoking his whole life.  I can practically hit those low basso profundo notes, baby!

And as I sit here nursing my cup of tea and trying to make my bleary eyes and aching head cooperate and focus on the screen enough to type this entry, I remember this conversation and think: so true.  Too much rushing turns us into mindless hamsters running on a giant wheel.  We're too busy trying to keep up with the pack that we stop thinking.  We stop discerning.  And of course, somewhat ironically, we break down more often. 

I will tell you that being sick is not fun.  (Especially when little people depending on you expect, nay demand! that the show must go on.)  Yet, I am conscious of an internal signal to slow down my tempo as my body tries to deal with this as best it can.  I am more conscious of what is going on around me and inside of me.  

I like to make things because it means that life goes a little slower.  I believe that those who take time and use it to create things to eat, wear or play with instead of buying them a) appreciate the process (and the result!) much more; b) can't do as much so they must both plan ahead as well as prioritize; c) can choose what to make and how; d) have the satisfaction that comes with labour, effort and skill.  I'm sure there are many other things I could add to this list.  However, my headache is getting a little worse and my pillow is looking mighty inviting.  

I hate ending on a half-finished note, but this will have to do.  Consider it less of a completed and exhausted topic and more like a few preliminary rough notes.  

I bid you goodnight and good health.  

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