3 April 2013

My struggles

I am struggling to find the time to take my children outside these days.  They are so full of energy that I cringe with guilt when I haven't been able to take them out.  The daily temperature oscillates from -3 to +6... a rocky transition time between winter and spring for sure.  In spite of that, my babies  love to ride their bikes.  M is building serious leg muscles with all the uphill peddling that he's been doing.  J is content to be pushed with an occasional peddle inserted willy-nilly.  

Putting aside my tired (and possibly lazy-fueled) grumbling, I am thankful for these times - my children simplify life in extraordinary ways.  They have brought so much pure and simple beauty into my life that I cannot for a moment imagine life without them.

Our hearts are full of emotions right now.  We are feeling the pull of finding a home more and more each day.  Which one shall we choose, or perhaps, which one shall choose us?  We feel the clock ticking away so quickly that a panicky "we need to choose a house right now!" escapes us.  And then we remind each other that the first jump is the hardest and this will be our very first house.  So we relax a little and continue our hunt with determined purpose.  

I hope with all my heart to start my next post, or the one thereafter with: WE FOUND OUR HOME SWEET HOME AT LAST.  

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