10 March 2013

A left-footed weekend

This weekend, everything that could have gone wrong did.  We went to clean our new place and it wasn't ready.  We spent a few fruitless hours cleaning before things went really south and it looks like we're not moving anymore.  (At least not until we get another place sorted out.)  It was a nightmare that I'm trying to forget!

<cue happy thoughts, comfort food and crafty projects>

The kids are resilient.  They bounce back from anything it seems!  All I had to do was mention their queued projects and life was rosy again.  :o)  I must admit that I felt better picking up the pin box and hearing the gentle hum of the sewing machine as it ate up the fabric.  I love sewing.  I can't believe I never knew what I was missing until now.  While I am waiting to see M's reaction to his new messenger bag, I am more excited over J's 2 dresses.  One of them is almost finished - minus the hemming and the buttonholes.  I will let you know how the latter turn out as it will be my first attempt.

 Otherwise, I am slowly ticking off things to do and planning some fun activities for the kids.  M is really into geography for some reason.  He found a huge altas book for children filled with pictures of animals and resources on each continent.  Being an opportunist, I have seized the moment and we are learning about the continents!  It's not really work for him or me, so we enjoy ourselves.  D has promised to get him a globe once we get settled.

And so, we start again in trying to find another place to make our home.  A few prayers would be mightily appreciated!

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