16 April 2013


I know what you're waiting for, but no.  I have no news.  We have no abode yet and I can't start my post all exuberant.  I haven't been blogging recently because I feel so tired inside.  (Perhaps 3rd trimester fatigue is kicking in too?)  No news, no change, same old draining searching... oh, and that's with random bouts of illnesses that include diarrhea and vomiting interspersed therein.  (Gotta love those springtime sickies.)  

Actually, I've started dreaming about houses lately.  We've seen so many, so each dream features a different house.  In my dreams I am usually trying to renovate something or reconcile with a less-than-ideal feature of a house we've just bought.  Sometimes I wake up in a panic: NO, NOT BROWN FOR THE WAINSCOTING!!  (You know you've seen too many houses when...)

I shouldn't complain.  I do, but I shouldn't.  I have so much to be thankful for.  It's just that I'm too tired right now to find the silver lining.  So, I can't write that we found a house yet.  And I was hoping so.  

But I can write about the other dinosaur I finished for J!  And I can post about another little bunny (with a bow-tie!) I finished the other day for a gift.  And I did manage to take the kids to the park yesterday for a couple of hours.  And I did go swimming late last night.  And if you think it's easy for me to do all of the above, you've clearly never been me.  

Anyhow, my only crocheting project in queue right now is that oatmeal blanket.  I suspect this will change imminently, but I am relieved to have finished the others.  I do have so many things I want to try still and it's nice to start with a clean slate.  

So.  Clean slate.  


  1. you're the best. i dunno what's worse... trying to find that house, or trying to sell the one you're in, after 6 weeks on the market i can almost guarantee i'd rather be in your shoes. sigh. cheers to the end of the summer versions of ourselves who will have all this sorted out :)

    1. Well, I guess that's my silver lining... only have to buy not sell too! Thanks Liz. And cheers indeed! (Godspeed to us both!)