20 May 2014

A long weekend

Long weekends are my favourite kind of weekend.  Surrounded by the sweet sounds of squealing children, screeching car crashes (of the miniature kind), and my other half at my side.  My other half.  He really is the best part of me most days.  I admire the way he thinks, his gentle heart, his talents - especially the ones the I am just finding out about.  (It's pretty cool to be finding out new things about your husband when you've been married for years!)  It actually is beautiful being able to see someone you "know so well" with new, wondering eyes.  

Alright, this sounds like a birthday (slash anniversary?) post, but it's not.  I was musing yesterday, as I nursed baby before bed, on how differently I would have handled various situations without D.  And then I realized how thankful I am for him.  That man.  That wonderful, exasperating, sweet man.  

Oh, and nothing speaks louder to my heart than watching him swing our babies through the air in his strong arms.  I am so blessed.  

Our long weekend has come and gone, but we got some cleaning done yesterday.  Thank God!  A clean house always makes me feel better - even if it's just one room, or a corner in a room.  Anything that brings order from chaos.  Afterwards we went out with the kids, visited family, spent some glorious time in nature... with the tulips!

Today we are planting.  Out came our radishes, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach.  I think it's a rather ambitious start for a balcony garden, but I am determined the make the best of it.  Right in the middle of digging, I realized I had no markers for the containers.  Kind of necessary when one needs to know which pot needs more sun and which requires shade?  No Popsicle sticks on hand, but we did have clothespins.  So while my two Picassos dabbled in some abstract watercolouring, I whipped these up.  A little modpodge hopefully makes them weather ready.   

And so we sally forth to meet the growing season!

PS - We spotted this rabbit on our walk yesterday.  J wanted to bring it home.  She loves animals - especially rabbits and kittens.  Maybe one day...

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