15 May 2014


This little guy has been patiently waiting his turn to be immortalized by my brush.  Waiting in photograph form that is.  I don't know how old the photo is, but I can't remember printing it, which places it squarely at least during last winter or beyond.  His day finally came.  We are both happy.  (I haven't touched watercolours like this since before little S was born!)

We had a bit of a rainy morning today.  J and I brought out the watercolours and sat for a relaxing hour swirling brushes and wielding fingers.  I didn't realize how big a fan of finger painting my little girl would be.  For a three year old to sit still for an hour...  Yes, she loves it.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her engrossed in her work.  What this picture doesn't show is what happened at the other end of the table.  J was sitting there working on her art.  I was sitting a chair down working on mine.  By the end of the hour, she was sitting on my chair with me, putting the finishing touches on her second painting using my brush.  (Is it because whatever Mom uses is better?) 

Ah my sweet girl.  I can't imagine a more perfect morning.  Incidentally, I managed to fold the laundry between waiting for washes to dry.  Having my home clean is so satisfying.  Today I am happy.  So happy.  That is what painting does to me.

And S woke up happy from dreamland right on time.  Sometimes quiet time at home is sublime.  

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