13 June 2014

A rare afternoon

Last Monday I found a weekly pick up soccer game going on at the park beside us.  We were actually at the park on our way home when I stumbled across it.  A few questions, logistics smoothed over with D, and I was on my way back to the field with cleats and shin guards in my bag.  It was a glorious game.  I haven't played since before Michael.  Six years.  That's a long time to me.  

Anyhow, after the game was finished, I trudged home happily.  Secure in the knowledge that I would be a very sore mama the next day.  In fact, I was not only sore, but I pulled a muscle in my ankle - the one I broke two years back.  Given I had never really "rehabilitated" that foot afterwards, I figured I had better play it safe, try to keep my feet up and generally take it easy.  (Broken bones = no fun!)  I managed to put it up for a few hours during the day, which was so helpful as it feels good as new now.  

And that is the story of how (or perhaps why) I managed to finish this bunting for J.  (Injuries can be blessings in disguise!)  Well, almost finished.  I just have to make the letters and sew them on.  That however, is work for another afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend!  

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