14 July 2014

In the garden

We are still enjoying our family being here and all the chaos required to squeeze three extra people into a condo and our lives in general!  Yes, we are truly loving it.  It does get tricky to snatch away time to write here.  I think it's high time though for a little garden update.  By now we are seeing lots of green, just like everyone else!  Every pot proudly displaying its contents - now fully recognizable.  That is, except for the two that were replanted two weeks ago with spinach and parsley.  But they are getting there.  We have a large green pepper now and several smaller ones budding out.  That is exciting to watch.  The tomatoes are green and gorgeous.  We lost count after ten.  That's for the first plant.  The second is coming along beautifully, and thankfully a little smaller.  (We couldn't keep up with the harvest if they all happened at once!)  

What's more than just the bounty awaiting is that the balcony is another space for the children to be.  It is inviting, homey, beautiful.  They play out there now.  They water the plants sometimes.  Sometimes they count vegetables.  Sometimes they show off which is which to a visitor.   Sometimes they just meander around the pots.  It's not a big space our balcony, but we've made it part of our home.  And right now, when the sun is shining or the stars twinkling, it's the best place in the home to be.

Here's to hoping that you can snatch away a few moments for some quiet time too.


  1. It looks like the perfect spot to sneak away to. Happy to hear your garden is growing well.

    1. It is that. And I would venture to say the same about any green-filled space outdoors. Nature is wondrous.