27 October 2015

Changing seasons

With the changing of the seasons comes some sniffles and sick days.  And that's where we are right now.  Sniffles, congestion, coughing, upset tummies and a bout of croup for little S.  That hasn't been very fun, but she's such a trooper.  For a sick toddler, she has slept remarkably well on a mattress beside our bed.  Just within reach of mama's hand.  There she is helping me knead some dough.  Little darling.

The kids seem to be coping better than D and I.  They're on the mend after a few days and we are battling a prolonged version.  I suppose nothing lasts forever, but many are the nights whereon we've wished to be as resilient as our babies.

In the meantime, we are managing with some old fashioned remedies.  Bone broths, lots of flax seed tea, hot lemonades and saline.  The flax seed tea I've found to be somewhat helpful before bed in calming the coughing.  I mean, it's not magic, but it helps with the mucous.  Little J and D have also been drinking lots of hot lemonade.  And we've all been eating plenty of vegetables.  With a little vegan zucchini bread.  :)  Somehow it sits well with little tummies.  

And somehow I am making the time to sew a little.  Every day just a little.  Cut out the pattern, cut out the fabric.  Slowly, slowly.  It's enough.  And the quilt is done save for the binding.  That is a very happy thought!  I can't wait to share it here once I get that binding sewed on.  Right now I am working on a corduroy jumper for J.  She has no winter dresses and loves to wear them.  My mom had a large swath of navy corduroy, and so here we are!  

Enjoy the week!