13 February 2017

Snow day

It is such fun to have a good snow at last!  We spent yesterday following church at grammie and grandpa's.  I must say getting to church was a feat in itself.  The morning the snow just poured down in thick, swirling flakes.  Pretty from a window seat, but not so much from a driver's seat.  Thankfully we made it there and back again without any incidents.  

The kids loved the snow.  Sledding, shovelling, jumping, and whatever else they could think of doing with that tons of white stuff all happened.  We haven't had a proper Canadian winter this year.  Too many gaps between snow falling and the inevitable melt two days later.  Soggy weather for winter.  They are hoping this snow sticks around.  

And as for me, I am just happy for another reason to get outside.  :)  With the fridge full from a weekend of cooking, I am looking forward to a bit of a break in the kitchen and perhaps a few projects alongside those necessary errands.

I just have to mention that M is really into Monopoly, as you can see.  The day isn't complete without a request for a "quick game".  We can't always say yes, but he is a happy camper when we do.

S is plugging away at a game above.  We lay a bunch of sandpaper letters out on the table or floor and then she has to find which letter that matches the sound I ask for.  It's just working on getting her to recognize or find the letters faster so she can start stringing them together in words.  I love how Montessori makes it so easy for them to read.  No complicated rules, just recognize and memorize the sound each letter makes, then off they go.  Beautiful!  I think she will start before she turns four in the summer, but that's entirely up to her.  She does love practical life activities, especially ones that involve snack.  Pouring milk (her favourite), cutting, peeling, whatever.  She is good about cleaning off the table too!  

Last night D and I watched the documentary Food Inc.  Scary stuff.  I sat with my crocheting the whole time just blown away.  I don't know if Canada is on the same level as the US in terms of how food is produced, but what a scary wake up call regardless.  If you've never seen it, you have to watch this film.  I was totally turned off meat.  And what good timing with Great Lent coming up soon...

Wishing you lots of snowy fun and good health this coming week!

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  1. Isn't all the snow just amazing! We are loving it, although I do wish I didn't have to shovel it ;) Glad you are enjoying it. Let's hope it sticks around for a bit.